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Financial Institute


Headquarters:  Connecticut
Industry:  Financial
Solution: Amazon Web Services & ReCon


  • Avoid a large CAPEX refresh of their on-premise infrastructure including both compute and storage
  • Limited internal resources to manage their environment and security practices


  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • ReCon Managed Security


  • Reduced CAPEX, moved to OPEX model
  • Gained an agile IT environment
  • Alleviated security concerns


A Financial Institute was looking at a large-scale refresh of both on-premise compute and storage for their Production and Development environments.  The Financial Institute was looking to potentially leverage the Public Cloud to:

  • Avoid a large CAPEX cost
  • Move to an OPEX model
  • Gain flexibility and elasticity for application development
  • Reduce on-premise infrastructure

From an operational perspective, the Financial Institute had limited staff and resources to maintain their on-premise infrastructure. This was preventing their engineering team from being able to focus on strategic business objectives.  In addition, the Financial Institute’s development team included both local and overseas resources.

The Financial Institute expressed a common concern regarding information security in the public cloud.  Specifically, they wondered how their data is protected and what the risk exposure is with their data being “out of sight” and in a “public arena.”  In addition, the Financial Institute had limited internal resources to build and manage a security practice.

Our Approach

Implemented Solution

F3 first met with the Financial Institute to understand the current environment and the customer’s needs.  After reviewing the collected information, F3 reconvened with the organization for a workshop session to explore several architectural options while stepping through the AWS Estimator to explain and discuss cloud strategy and cloud economics.  Helping an organization roadmap their overall cloud strategy and understand cloud economics is a key piece of any company’s cloud journey given how different building cloud infrastructure is from legacy on-premise environments.  

Based on the feedback from the workshop session, F3’s Solutions Architects designed a complete AWS environment to replace their on-premise environment.  F3 then worked hand-in-hand with the Financial Institute to implement the environment from AWS account creation, to building a Virtual Private Cloud network, to creating EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and S3 buckets, to establishing a billing model that provides insight and control of their monthly AWS spend.

Knowing that security was a major concern for the Financial Institute, F3 also implemented our ReCon Managed Security Services for their AWS infrastructure.   ReCon is an all-in-one managed security service that provides collection, correlation and analysis solution with 24×7 monitoring and remediation that helps protect against today’s advanced threats.  Recon for AWS provides security intelligence, behavior monitoring, threat detection, and constant vulnerability assessment.

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