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Online Retail Company


Headquarters:  Connecticut
Industry: Retail
Solution: Amazon Web Services – EC2, S3


Cost effectively managing backups of hundreds of clients’ mission-critical applications and services 


  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3


  • Predictable IT costs
  • Reduction in annual IT spend
  • Decreased IT management overhead

Customer Testimonial 

“It is imperative to focus on our customers, we are not in the data center business.” C-Level Executive of the Online Retail Company said “By moving to the cloud, we will realize two key benefits. The first major advantage is a reduction in our annual IT spend for legacy on-premise hardware and software. A subscription model will allow us to predict costs and also provides the flexibility to scale our environment during busy holiday seasons. Our company will no longer have to over provision our environments to prepare for the future. The second advantage is the decreased management overhead will allow our IT staff to finally focus and prioritize business-critical initiatives.”


Today, the Online Retail Company leverages a third party managed service provider for its data center. Along with the managed service provider, the Company purchased costly Backup and DR solutions which come with a steep annual renewal. The mundane task of troubleshooting outages and maintaining these systems takes away countless hours from their IT staff.

Our Approach

Implemented Solution

F3 provided a replacement Managed Service solution for the customer’s off-site backups, which included replicating their daily backups to AWS leveraging S3 and Glacier storage, while also re-architecting their existing Veeam environment.  This allowed the customer to consolidate two disparate backup solutions into one, thus reducing costs and administrative overhead.  Continuing to use Veeam allowed The Company to leverage existing investment to again minimize cost. 

Following this successful engagement, The Company accelerated their cloud strategy and aimed to migrate all environments to AWS with the objective of completely decommissioning their on-premise data center.  This first step into the cloud provided the foundation for later migration phases, which F3 continues to partner with this Company to accomplish.

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